Aluminum ski trekking poles

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For our aluminum racing poles, we use the toughest aluminum alloy 7075 T6, ingredients of zinc and magnesium together with a complex alloying technique result in extreme strength, similar to steel.
Chaclo aluminum ski poles undergo an electro-static paint process, delivring a clean, contemporary, highly durable finish. Constructed with the strongest commercially available, aircraft-grade aluminum-zinc alloy that has been heat treated and aged in order to confer its excellent properties. Chalco aluminum poles area twice as strong as the industry standard and process a very high strength to weight ratio.
Aluminum trekking poles are multi-use tools that make great companions on any hike. They give the hiker or backpacker four points of contact with the ground, rather than just two. These additional legs improve stability and distribute weight and impact away from the hiker’s knees, ankles, feet and back. Aluminum trekking poles come in handy in other ways, too. They support light-weight backpacking tents and tarps, test the depth of mud puddles, find stepping stones in murky water, and stabilize a liker on a log or stream crossing. They could clear a trial of spider webs for the first hiker of the day. In snake country they can safely detect venomous snakes on the far sides of large logs or rocks. And poles can push tall brush away from the trial as hikers pass through.
Chalco aluminum develop aluminum ski poles and aluminum trekking poles in two different alloys: 7001 and 7075, those materials have the super lightweight and excellent strength, which allow us to work with very thin wall thickness yet retain the strength needed for best overall results.
Chalco Aluminum develop aluminum ski poles and aluminum trekking poles anodizing technology, this technology allow the poles have colorful and durable surface. Chalco Aluminum also use laser technology for the sizing marks on the telescopic poles. This guarantee a permanent and durable mark that will be visible for the life of the product. This is a vast improvement over the classic silk screening process, which will wear off over time.
Alloy Out diameter (mm) Wall thickness (mm)
7001 9.0 0.72
7001 9.5 0.72
7001 / 7075 11 0.72
7001 / 7075 13 0.8
7001 / 7075 14 1
7001 / 7075 15 1
7001 /7075 16 1/1.2
7001 /7075 19 1/1.2
7001 /7075 22 1/1.2
Available color:Black,blue, golden, silver, red, purple, orange, gray, could custom anodized any color as request.